Best Bots

AntiPopUp for IE not only acts as smart Popup Killer but also has an Internet Eraser functions. >>

Protect your privacy and keep your system clean with Window Washer. >>

This fascinating 3D aquarium utilizes advanced technology in 3DVR and Biomechanics. >>

With iSpyNOW you have full control and monitoring power in real time of a remote PC. >>

 - IVOS - Intelligent Voice Operating System
As its name suggests, the Intelligent Voice Operating System (IVOS) is an intelligent agent which runs on your desktop and learns the way the computer is being operated by you. It has both Speech Recognition and Text to Speech and also comes at a very low price.

 - Speaking Calendar
Speaking Calendar is a desktop calendar/appointment manager with a difference. MS Agent characters are used to announce and speak your appointments, alarms and the current date to you. You may set as many appointments or alarms as you wish with this calendar, there are no limits.

 - UK Speaking Clock
Multilingual UK Speaking Clock is a speaking clock which uses 2 MsAgent characters, Clocky and Phony, to announce the time and all other voice related options.

 - Trout's Internet Clock
Trout's Internet Clock is an analog desktop clock. It can be used as a scheduler and a time zone viewer. You can schedule hourly chimes, multimedia, text or spoken reminders and run programs. With Trout's Internet Clock, you can design your own graphical clock.

 - Cyberbuddy
A web site dedicated to Cyberbuddy, a utility program that makes use of MicroSoft Agents. For example it can keep reminders and get your attention when a reminder or alarm comes due, send voice messaging, or bring you the latest headlines in several news categories.

 - Internet Explorer Page-Reader Bar
IE Page-Reader Bar is an Internet Explorer tool Bar, that can read Web pages. IE Page-Reader Bar is a text-to-speech application designed to give your browser a human-sounding voice so that it can read arbitrary text to you from Web pages.

 - Text-Reader Dictionary
Text-Reader Dictionary is an add-on to the Internet Explorer.

 - Sinope Summarizer Personal Edition
Sinope Summarizer is the summarizing tool for professionals. It automatically generates summaries of arbitrary texts, while retaining images, formatting and page layout. The Sinope Summarizer uses advanced language technologies to determine what the text is about and which information elements are important.

 - TextAloud
Convert any text into voice and even to MP3. Listen to email, web pages, eBooks and documents on your computer or portable MP3 player. TextAloud is user friendly, from the help function to the VCR style playback controls. It's never been easier to keep up with the information you really need.

 - Talkymail
TalkyMail gives your mailbox a voice, so it can tell you how many emails you have and read them to you. You can get TalkyMail to read aloud your emails, web pages, documents, help files, clipboard content or just about any other text. TalkyMail supports 10 different languages.

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