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AntiPopUp for IE not only acts as smart Popup Killer but also has an Internet Eraser functions. >>

Protect your privacy and keep your system clean with Window Washer. >>

This fascinating 3D aquarium utilizes advanced technology in 3DVR and Biomechanics. >>

With iSpyNOW you have full control and monitoring power in real time of a remote PC. >>

 - Iphoto
Iphoto is an easy-to-use Internet application that allows you to download pictures from the web. It can access your favorite web sites with a maximum of 8 threads simultaneously. It analyzes the structure of the web site, finds the pictures and photos (JPG,GIF) they contain and downloads them to your hard disk, letting you see the pictures at your own convenience later. It saves you both time and energy!

 - PicaLoader
PicaLoader is a fully automated agent that will retrieve all the pictures you want from any part of the Internet. PicaLoader can filter duplicate pictures, resume broken downloads, and save the name, size, creation time, download time and referrer URL for every picture. You can use the built-in picture filter profile or define your own. You can sort, search, copy, or move the pictures you have downloaded, and even set a password for your project which may contain up to 700,000 pictures.

 - WebPictureBoss
With WebPictureBoss, you�re able to surf the web, find pictures, download, save, and view them quickly and easily. While you�re surfing, with one click on each picture you instantly select the picture into a special �download control�. The picture is now in a 'list' - queued up for download, along with all the other pictures you have selected. Once you have enough pictures selected, you hit the �start download� button. The selected pictures automatically download and save themselves � into a folder of your choice.

 - Mister Pix
Mister PiX is a powerful yet simple to use program that will search for pictures on the Internet and in Newsgroups! Mister PiX will make the building of your picture database more efficient and fun. Just let Mister PiX know what kind pictures you are looking for and it will do the rest, leaving you free to continue with more enjoyable things. A comprehensive online-help file ensures quick and easy operation, even for beginners.

 - Image Miner
A fast robot for searching and downloading image files from websites and search engines such as Yahoo, Google and All The Web, Image Miner helps you retrieve pictures quickly and easily. It offers several filtering options that allow you to limit the results, including a URL filter and page filter. Don�t waste your time, automate the process of retrieving images from the Web.

 - GetWebPics
GetWebPics is a smart program for downloading pictures from the Internet. There is a wide range of filtering options to make sure you only get the images that you want. Images can be filtered by file size, by image size (width, height), file type (gif, jpeg, etc.). Using GetWebPics, you can grab single images or entire galleries, and copy them to your computer.

 - NewsBin
NewsBin helps you find cool stuff in Newsgroups: it will scan newsgroups that you specify for binary attachments and will download and decode these attachments for you.

 - Express NewsPictures
Express NewsPictures is a powerful newsreader specifically designed for downloading and viewing pictures from newsgroups.

 - ImageWolf
ImageWolf is a Search Tool that locates Picture and Movie files on the Web. It explores web rings looking for files based on a given query.At 28.8K ImageWolf can locate thousands of Pictures per hour and deliver them all to your browser for display.

 - Internet Graphics Finder
Internet Graphics Finder is a graphics program for the 32-bit Windows environment. It can search, scan for, view, print and save image files available on the Internet or local computer or network.

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