Best Bots

AntiPopUp for IE not only acts as smart Popup Killer but also has an Internet Eraser functions. >>

Protect your privacy and keep your system clean with Window Washer. >>

This fascinating 3D aquarium utilizes advanced technology in 3DVR and Biomechanics. >>

With iSpyNOW you have full control and monitoring power in real time of a remote PC. >>

 - NetTweak Pro
Improve the performance of your Internet connection with NetTweak Pro, an easy to use software tool that is specially engineered to optimize your Internet connection by up to 300%. This utility is attractive, easy to use and well suited for both beginner and advanced users.

 - Accelerate 2K3
Accelerate 2K3 dramatically speeds up your Internet connection performance by optimizing Windows settings for data transfer over modem/network connections. This means that downloading and viewing Web sites is much faster, and makes your general Internet experience more pleasant.

 - NetSuperSonic
NetSuperSonic is a software application designed to optimize your Internet connection in relation to your Windows Operating System. NetSuperSonic is designed to optimize connection-specific settings that can be restored to default with a single click. These settings are rWinSize, MTUs, DefaultTTL, PMTUDiscovery, PMTUBlackHoleDetect, Tcp1323Opts, and TcpSackOpts. Don't know what those are? Don't worry. NetSuperSonic takes care of these behind the scenes so that you don't have to tinker with your Windows Registry.

 - webROCKET
webROCKET automatically turbo charges your Internet connection by boosting Internet data transport efficiency. webROCKET adapts your modem or high-speed connection to its maximum potential.

 - LinkFox
LinkFox is a web accelerator for both Netscape and Internet Explorer. This program will load only the links you want to look at, and place them directly into your favorite browser's cache, so they will load instantly the moment you are ready to view them.

 - Marketscore - English version
Tired of slow-loading Web pages? Tearing your hair out as your modem connection struggles under the weight of heavy sites? With Marketscore, cut the time it takes to display pages by up to 75%. Marketscore stores popular URLs, images and text on its servers, then uses patent-pending compression technology to bring you the pages in record time.

 - Naviscope
"Powerful Web browsing monitor with accelerated browsing via intelligent prefetching (preloading of pages),advertisement blocking and a "last 40" history file.

 - TweakMaster
TweakMaster is easy to use and requires no special computer knowledge. It promotes faster Internet browsing and download speeds by carefully and intelligently tweaking various 'hidden' Windows settings. The Optimization Wizard will walk you through some recommended settings using several different "optimization strategies". After that you may wish to experiment with some other settings on the Optimization screen to obtain the fastest possible connection.

 - isuperCHARGER
iSuperCHARGER adjusts and optimizes your computer for a dial up (modem) connection. iSuperCHARGER not only speeds up your computer when accessing the Internet, but speeds up and enhances all your Internet-related software as well. (ie: ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL, PalTalk, Netscape, Internet Explorer, RealVideo, NetMeeting, CompuServe, etc..)

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