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AntiPopUp for IE not only acts as smart Popup Killer but also has an Internet Eraser functions. >>

Protect your privacy and keep your system clean with Window Washer. >>

This fascinating 3D aquarium utilizes advanced technology in 3DVR and Biomechanics. >>

With iSpyNOW you have full control and monitoring power in real time of a remote PC. >>

 - Access Control Home Version
Access Control allows parents to limit the amount of time their children use the computer, internet, or any program on your computer. You can essentially build a daily time schedule for the week detailing what hours they may use the computer, internet, both, or virtually anything else! When their access period is over for the selected function, be it the computer, internet, or any application, it immediately shuts down preventing access till the next day and time it may be accessed!

 - Net Nanny
Net Nanny was developed in response to concerns about "the worst" of the Internet. It has the capability to monitor the Internet, standard email, IRC chat programs, newsgroups and offline applications in a fully customizable, user friendly environment. Net Nanny gives the parent or administrator complete control over what is being accessed from your PC.

 - WebWhacker Education Edition
With WebWhacker WebWhacker Education Edition (EE), you decide what Internet information you make available for access. Download favorite web pages or whole web sites directly to your own laptop, hard drive, desktop, zip disk, CD, or storage device, and then view them offline at highly accelerated speeds. It is not just any site retrieval tool!

 - Ad Banner and URL Filter for Internet Explorer
Ad Banner and URL Filter is an addition (plugin) for Internet Explorer. It is completely built into the IE browser and works in the background, unnoticed by any user (e.g., children, employees, etc.).Thus, you can shelter children from a huge amount of sites which show explicit nudity, violence, and any other material that you deem offensive. You can also prohibit employees from visiting those sites that are not directly related to their work.

 - Guardian Monitor
Is your child talking to a dangerous person online or surfing sites they shouldn't be? Did you know that 1 in 4 kids have been solicited online for sex by an adult and 38% of chat room conversations include sexual content? It's easy to download music, but it's now just as easy to download videos.

 - SmartBlock
SmartBlock is filtering software that filters pornographic, sex, hate, violence, gambling, and other offensive content that exists on the Internet. It also can be used to block addictive games or dangerous applications, prevent the deletion of files and folders and make screen snapshots.

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