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Evidence Terminator
evidenceterminator.gif Try Evidence Terminator today and transform your computer into a SAFE, CLEAN, FASTER machine. Evidence Terminator can DEEP CLEAN your computer system and protect you from prying eyes! Once Evidence Terminator is installed, you can forget about it as it clears out damning evidence every time you start your system!

Evidence Terminator is one of the most advanced hard disk cleaner. Its innovative new scripting engine means it customizes itself for your all of your system's users, automatically!

Evidence Terminator optionally cleans:

  • Recycle bins on every drive in your system
  • Internet history logs stored on your hard drive
  • Internet cookies
  • Temporary Internet Files (caches and other media files)
  • Temporary program files
  • Recent documents list
  • Windows Help system temp files
  • Backup files
  • LOG files
  • File ID files from downloaded files
  • CD burner software temp files
  • Program temp files not in the system temp folder
  • Scandisk and chkdsk temp files
  • Hardware detection logs
  • All of your partitions and/or drives
  • Mapped network drives
  • Those evil index.dat files no matter how many of them you have
  • Overwrites files with patterns of 1s and 0s to prevent recovery
  • The drop down URL list from IE
  • The run list, find computers list, and recently searched file list
  • Those pesky MSCREATE.DIR files that MS installers leave behind

In addition, Evidence Terminator:

  • Speeds Up Your Computer, especially while online!
  • Increases Your System's Overall Stability!
  • Dynamically configures itself for Win95/98/ME/2k or XP
  • Cleans evidence from multiple user profiles
  • Runs every time you log onto your computer
  • Can run minimized or maximized during cleanup
  • A customizable script so that YOU can add your own files and folders
  • A NEW Script Wizard for easy configuration!

Most importantly, Evidence Terminator protects YOUR privacy.




- Company
- License
- Price
$ 49.95
- OS
Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT Windows XP
- File Size
1.02 Mo

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