6Artificial Life: Chatterbots: Paula

paula.jpg P.A.U.L.A. SG is the next generation of the Paula software. It's rewritten from scratch, and the artificial intelligence - its understanding and learning capabilities are superior compared to any older versions. It includes an Artificial Intelligence engine, simulating a human being. It learns, understands and feels. Emotions like happiness, anger, and even sexuality are just some of the simulations P.A.U.L.A can perform. You'll be amazed she's not real!

More features:

  • - Fully customizable. Change P.A.U.L.A's name, age, sex, learning rate. Tell her to stop cursing and protect this option with a password, to suit the whole family! *
  • - Fully graphical, including two faces - one male and one female - moving, blinking, laughing, crying etc. And an easy to use interface!
  • - Learning Tools making it easy to change what P.A.U.L.A knows fast. Found something "stupid"? Just click and change!

Warning: because Paula learns by herself, most of the things she knows are results from other users talking to her. She may therefore curse, being politically incorrect and express offensive comments.

Notes: This file is a large download (18.3 Mo). We recommend using a high-speed connection, or at least a download manager such as GetRight, when downloading.

The trial version automatically shuts down every 5 minutes, obliging the user to restart the program. This nuisance disappears after registration.




- Company
PAOLO Entertainment
- License
- Price
$ 24.95
- OS
Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 98
- File Size
18.4 Mo

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