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Window Cleaner
Window Cleaner is an application that attempts to make your web browsing experience free of those annoying popup advertisement windows seem to be popular with web sites these days. Window Cleaner raises the standards for anti-popup window software by using an advanced detection engine coupled with an easy to use interface.

Most anti-popup window programs are just as hassling as the popup windows. In fact the majority of anti-popup window programs only detect/block popup windows based upon the window's caption or the specific page that was loaded or you are prompted to take a course of action every time a window is opened even if you have opened it yourself! Window Cleaner's detection engine helps take some of the burden off your shoulders by looking for common tricks to avoid detection. Window Cleaner can speed up your web browsing by keeping unwanted browser windows from opening. This also helps those advertising site from obtaining information about you because the popup windows do not have time to set a dreaded cookie file.

    Somes features:
  • Easy to use interface so you can browse the Internet hassle free
  • Advanced detection engine that can catch all attempts to hide from detection
  • Different blocking options which provides extreme versatility
  • A "friendly" list of windows that are allowed to popup
  • Navigation history so you can log your activity
  • Activity Log that displays what Window Cleaner has been doing for you Integrated as well as Online help



- Company
PlainWrap Software
- License
- Price
$ 12.95
- OS
Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT Windows XP
- Requirements
Internet Explorer 4.0
- File Size
867 Ko
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