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The Easy Bee
theeasybee.gif We all have web pages that we visit several times a week, not to say several times a day. With The Easy Bee, you no longer need to type passwords, click menus and wait for downloads. Whether it is for online accounts, auctions, jobs or news headlines, you can now stop wasting time with recurrent web visits.

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The Easy Bee is a software product that allows everyone to easily automate tedious Web navigation tasks and build aggregated pages with always up-to-date Web extracts.

Some features:

  • Your Web agents can go everywhere on the Web
  • Your Web agents bring back an extract of the target web page.
  • Your web agents are launched in background mode as soon as they detect an Internet connection.
  • All extracted contents are then available at a glance on a single page like a personal portal



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- License
- Price
$ 129.95
- OS
Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT Windows XP
- File Size
3.8 Mo
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