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Copernic Agent Professional (English Version)
copernicpro.gif Copernic Agent Professional simultaneously consults the best Internet search engines for you. Since each search engine covers only a part of the Web, by combining results from multiple sources Copernic will help you get the most out of the Web. Copernic Agent Professional offers some 120 categories, providing access to some 1000 search engines and directories.

Some Features :

  • Detection of page language
  • Detection of duplicate pages with non-identical addresses
  • Extraction of key concepts from found pages (using the same technologies as Copernic Summarizer)
  • Automated Web Page Analysis
  • Automated tracking reports to colleagues, clients or others
  • Automated page change tracking for Web pages
  • Possibility of requesting a Web page summary for a selected result



- Company
Copernic Technologies Inc.
- License
- Price
$ 79.95
- OS
Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT Windows XP
- File Size
7.5 Mo

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