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FFA Blaster
ffablaster.gif FFA Blaster auto-posts your ads to thousands of Free For All Links pages. If you have an FFA page, FFA Blaster can submit it to 200+ submission services, to make sure you get huge traffic. FFA Blaster manages your promotion and marketing all the way through to completion.

Some features:

  • Superfast posting using 28 ports simultaneous.
  • Register your FFA page(s) with 18 TOP search engines.
  • Three different posting modes: Adult, No Adult or All FFA pages.
  • Build your own personalized databases.
  • Built in e-mailer to send out delayed follow-up e-mails.
  • Unlimited download/update of database from our global FFA database!


- Company
- License
- Price
$ 99.95
- OS
Windows 95 Windows 98
- File Size
4.80 Mo
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