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Diet K
dietk.gif Diet K removes spyware, blocks pop-ups, and gives users dozens of new features to configure the file-sharing client Kazaa Media Desktop. Speed up your downloads with a built-in advanced download accelerator and notification system.

You can browse your friends' files with an IP-based buddy list tool. Diet K also has built-in supernode controls and participation level tools (cheater, backup/restore). It is also now possible to securely trade virus-free files using the new Sig2Dat integration and hash generation. Diet K automatically removes the new Gator adware bundled with Kazaa Media Desktop, along with Cydoor, Altnet, P2P Networking, MyBar Search Toolbar, and all other annoying adware bundles. This new version includes support for Kazaa and features a more user friendly adware removal process.



- Company
- License
- OS
Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT Windows XP
- Requirements
KaZaA Media Desktop
- File Size
840 Ko
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