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Diligent Dingo
diligentdingo.gif The Diligent Dingo quickly and automatically fetches investment message boards, news, charts, company research, SEC filings, and general market research web pages. DD fetches information on demand, on a pre-configured fetching schedule or you can monitor activity on a minute-by-minute basis.

Some features:

  • Message fetching is executed asynchronously in the background of the program.
  • Automatic fetching of market research pages.
  • Automatic fetching of ticker news releases.
  • Message board filtering of unwanted posters.
  • Automatic download of research web pages for stock ticker research.
  • Configurable sound effects to notify the user of the arrival of a new message or news item.
  • Automatic program version synchronization and updates.



- Company
- License
- Price
$ 29.95
- OS
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT
- Requirements
Internet Explorer 4.01
- File Size
6 Mo
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