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novobot.gif Novobot is a smart headline viewer. You build a queue from the available sites, run the queue and do your work. Novobot will load each site from the queue, and extract headlines together with sub-headings and links. When the queue processing is complete, you can browse through the resulting headline list and surf to the content of interest with your default browser.

Some features:

  • Extracts headlines from syndicated content in form of XML and XML-based source.
  • Extracts headlines from any HTML source content when there are headline titles with links in any part of the HTML document.
  • Loads web resources using HTTP protocol, with proxy.
  • Displays all headlines simultaneously as a list in the main window.
  • Supports several encodings with user-configurable fonts for each encoding.
  • User-defined queue to process all sites of interest in one step.



- Company
- License
- Price
$ 24.95
- OS
Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 98
- File Size
1.1 Mo
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