AIGames: Build your robot: Roboforge

roboforge.gif The future is here. Roboforge lets you construct gigantic robotic gladiators, train them to think and fight, and then unleash them in massive international tournaments for money and prizes.

Create! The design and construction of a robot is completely up to you. Roboforge is not just a case of simplistic limb options. It is a full 3D robotic construction environment. You can construct virtually any kind of creation by simply clicking components together. You are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity.
Train! You can train your robot to do an unlimited number of 3D combat moves. These can be defensive and offensive. Training is a simple matter of positioning the limbs in critical positions and taking a snapshot of the pose (like a 3D photo).
Fight! Once your robot is trained, you can test it against several training robots that come with Roboforge. Once your robotic gladiator has crushed these opponents, it is ready for something much, much bigger... Tournaments !




- Company
Liquid Edge Games Ltd
- License
- Price
$ 19.95
- OS
Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT Windows XP
- File Size
30 Mb
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