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edonkey.gif eDonkey is a file sharing agent. It allows to transfer any type of file, MP3, images, etc. The main advantage of this agent is its ability to download films in DivX and MPEG format. eDonkey2000 doesn't rely on one central server, the servers can be located anywhere at any IP address.

Some features :

  • Search all users connected to the service no matter which server they are logged onto.
  • Download a file from several different users at once.
  • Downloads are automatically continued from session to session.
  • User created collections. So you can be sure and get all files that belong together.
  • Simultaneous uploading and downloading of the same file.
  • Dynamic ports. The donkey can be configured to run over any port.


- Company
- License
- OS
Linux Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT Windows XP
- File Size
500 Ko
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